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Power BI + Automate Refresh Trigger

Need to trigger a refresh on a Power BI solution?  Want to trigger a refresh based on a completed ETL run or when a file is created in a SharePoint directory? Want to notify the dataset owner when the refresh begins, when it completes successfully, or only when the refresh fails? The ability to trigger a refresh not based on a schedule but on a variable trigger and notify the owner of the dataset if the refresh fails is critical to an optimized environment and environment oversight.

This download will include the Power BI + Automate API Connector (https://vizbp.com/downloads/power-bi-automate-api-connector/). At this time, Microsoft Flow/Automate packages do not include the custom connectors. Therefore, you will have to install the custom connector following the instructions on that page prior to importing this package in order for it to work.

There is a new Microsoft Automate (Microsoft Flow) action to refresh a Power BI solution. So, what does this solution do that is different from that solution?

With a Power BI triggered refresh via the API, there is no notification if there is a failure. This solution:

1. Allows for sending a notification when a refresh is triggered.
2. Checks the status of the manual refresh every 5 minutes (configurable).
3. Allows for emailing the owner on success.
4. Allows for emailing the owner on failure.
5. if you capture the initiator of the trigger, you can email that person when triggered and upon success/failure.

This solution will be updated periodically as new feature requests and other thoughts on what could be added to improve the solution. Make sure you’re running the latest version. The application will have a version displayed and notify you if there is a new version available.

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